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Screen Printing

What is screen printing and how does it work?
This printing technique pushes the ink through a woven mesh stencil onto fabric. The ink doesn’t soak into the fabric, it lays on top. Back in the day, screen printing was the only way companies could print custom products, like t-shirts with a brand logo, in bulk.

With screen printing, a special screen has to be made for each color of your design. Once that is done, each color of the design is applied layer by layer onto the garment. So, the more colors your design has, the longer it will take to print it.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

What is DTG printing and how does it work?
Direct-to-garment, or DTG, is a printing method that sprays the ink onto the garment using inject technology. The inks then soak into the fibers of the garment. It’s sort of like printing on paper, except on clothing.

What type of designs work best with DTG?
DTG printers offer extensive color options which means you can print detailed designs and photorealistic images with virtually no color limitations & no minimums. This can be important for those individuals or businesses that want to experiment with color and design. 

The Design Studio

At the design studio, you can upload your favorite pictures straight from your smart phone or computer and have it printed directly to your desired garment.

Let your creative juices flow and design your custom t-shirt from scratch right from the design studio or pick from one of our custom free templates that allows you to change the color, font & size right from the design studio.

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This is a great way to raise money for any organization, such as
Non-Profits, Schools, Small Businesses, Youth Sports, Churches & Family Reunions.

Once you sell 24 shirts, you make $10 a shirt. We will print them within ten days and ship them to your customers. Then we cut you a check.

Smart Apparel 100% cotton tees.
If you sell less than 24 shirts, we will adjust the profit share to cover our added costs.


Step 1

Send us your company logo, along with
your artwork (up to 3 colors), and your
preferred t-shirt color.

Step 2

We will create a FREE online web store with
your t-shirt mockup, and you will decide how
long your fundraiser will run. (up to 30 days)

Step 3

Get the word out and promote your online store through social media, email,
word of mouth etc…

Start Fundraising Now!!!